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Senator Nelson Introduces Legislation Empowering Customs Authority

Hagåtña, Guam – In an effort to strengthen the grip of Guam’s first line of defense against the introduction of invasive species and illicit drugs, the Oversight Chair on Border Protection has introduced legislation to enhance and expand the authority of the Guam Customs and Quarantine Agency (GCQA). With the support of GCQA, Senator Telena Cruz Nelson introduced Bill No. 114-36, “Relative to powers of Customs Officers, definitions, guard on vessels, place of inspection, and release of sealed cargo at Guam’s ports of entry, and to further updating the penalties in violation of these statutory requirements.” “With this measure, we meaningfully equip and empower our vigilant Customs Officers with the tools they need to protect our island’s borders, and we further secure the safety and wellbeing of our people,” said Senator Nelson. Bill Highlights · Defines the authority of the GCQA Director and the powers of Customs Officers to ensure the fulfillment of GCQA’s mandates and mission · Expands GCQA’s vessel entry requirements for conveyances, aircraft, and contrivances arriving in Guam, and establishes inspection duties and penalties · Designates Places of Inspection and the executive responsibility of the GCQA Director to establish controls for persons, conveyances, vehicles, aircraft, vessels, and other contrivances present at Guam’s ports of entry · Designates the United States Post Office as an official Port of Entry · Mandates all containers and cargo be affixed with seals at the point of origin - END OF STATEMENT - For more information, please contact Tihu Lujan at The Office of Senator

Telena Cruz Nelson at (671) 989-7696 or

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