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News Release: Senators Vote Unanimously to Pass Vice Speaker Nelson's Bill 23-35

The 35th Guam Legislature unanimously voted during session today in favor of Vice Speaker Telena C. Nelson’s Bill 23-35 to further level the playing field when it comes to job promotions in the government of Guam.

Bill 23-35 states: “I Liheslaturan Guåhan finds that the current law permits preference points to be added to applicant scores in both initial and subsequent applications for government of Guam positions. It is the intent of I Liheslatura to permit the use of preference points in only initial applications for employment in order to establish a fair selection process within the government of Guam.”

In the government of Guam’s point system, veterans have a five point preference upon employment and on Guam also receive five points when applying for a promotion. Federal law gives veterans five preference points upon employment, but does not apply to promotions, transfers, reassignments or reinstatements. Under Guam law, this creates an uneven playing field for other government of Guam employees hoping to be promoted – employees who in the past have been left at a five point disadvantage, despite their high performance. This inequality impacted many long, overdue promotions last term.

“Bill 23-35 gives an opportunity for those staying here at the home front and protecting our community a fair chance for promotion based off merit, as originally intended in the federal law, “ stated Vice Speaker Telena C. Nelson.

Bill 23-35 will be transmitted to the Office of the Governor for review. For more information, contact the Office of Vice Speaker Telena C. Nelson or (671) 989-7696.

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