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Press Release: Gambling still not good for Guam

Vice Speaker Telena C. Nelson released the following statement on the introduction of Bill 29‐35, which seeks to authorize the Mayors Council of Guam to establish rules and regulations related to games of chance at fairs:

“Less than two years ago, my colleagues and I voted unanimously to end casino-style gambling on Guam through a widely supported measure. Public Law 34-15 lapsed into law in June 2017, closing a loophole in our law that allowed casino gambling at fairs and carnivals. This law was put forth and prioritized because of the voice of Guam’s people, who five times since 2000 have rejected gambling. How many times will the people’s voice be ignored? I believe village projects and programs need more support than they have, but gambling was not a sound solution last year and it isn’t one now,” said Vice Speaker Telena C. Nelson.

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