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Senator works progressively with agencies to ensure adequate operations during budgetary shortfalls

Senator Telena Cruz Nelson held various hearings over the course of this week. On Monday, Senator Nelson held an informational briefing with the Guam Police Department and Department of Corrections to address budgetary shortfalls and enhance revenue. On Tuesday, Senator Nelson held a public hearing on Bill No. 206-34, relative to including Department of Youth Affairs Juvenile Correctional Officers and Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Unit Firefighters as voting members of the Peace Officer and Standards Training Commission, and Bill No. 251-34, relative to updating the Guam Fire Department's fee schedule. On Wednesday, Senator Nelson held a Confirmation Hearing for Public Utility Commission members Dr. Jeffrey Johnson and Mr. Peter Montinola. Senator Nelson ended the week with a Proclamation signing for Tsunami Preparedness Week with the Guam Homeland Security and the Office of Civil Defense.

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