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Senator Nelson Meets With The Mandana Drug Task Force Rehabilitation/Education Services Sub Committe

(Hagåtña, Guam) Senator Telena Cruz Nelson who Chairs the Committee on Housing, Utilities, Public Safety & Homeland Security has been tasked to be a co-chairperson of the Mandaña Drug Task Force and spearheads the Sub Committee on Rehabilitation / Education Services. Today, Senator Nelson had an in depth meeting with sub committee members to include the Guam Behavioral Wellness Center, Oasis Empowerment Center, Lighthouse Recovery Center, Department of Public Health and Social Services, Department of Youth Affairs, University of Guam, Guam Community College, New Beginnings, Tohge (Peer Mentor Group), Guam Fire Department, and Department of Corrections.

This meeting was held at the Guam Behavioral Wellness Center Director’s Conference Room and focused on challenges faced by all stakeholders, Rehabilitation, Education Awareness, Transitional Housing, and Employment Opportunities for substance users to transition to become a contributing member in our community. Senator Nelson stated, “We need to truly understand what substance users go through, and identify and address these problems so that one can transition positively back into society. Most importantly to educate the people of Guam and let them know that there are readily available resources to assist whether you are a substance user or a family member/friend of one. ” Historical Context On February 10, 2017 Executive Order No. 2017-01 was signed and established the Mandaña Drug Task Force (Multi-Agency Network Disrupting All Narcotics Activity) relative to suppressing the importation, distribution, and selling of narcotics and illicit drugs and alcohol in Guam; and preventing a further increase in narcotics on Guam. The task force was then divided into two sub committees: Legal Enforcement and Rehabilitation/Education Services.

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