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Senator Nelson Looks Further Into The Future of GWA

(Hagåtña, Guam) On Thursday evening, February 16, Senator Telena Cruz Nelson conducted her third informational briefing on Guam Waterworks Authority (GWA) rates and leaks. Last night’s questioning focused on the prospect of future rate increases, “lifeline rates”, the capture of revenue from the meter replacement program, fire hydrant replacement and system development charges. “We learned that GWA is planning to borrow another 90 million dollars to finish the court-ordered repairs and upgrades,” Senator Nelson said, “We need to delve further into system development charges. As for leak repairs, GWA can field six crews a day but they only have three working backhoes. Knowing that the 53% of water loss costs the ratepayers $5.3 million dollars more, we must be more proactive in conserving our most valuable resource (water).” In the upcoming months, we look forward to a thorough presentation of their mitigation plan in unaccounted for water and proposed possible rate increases from the agency. This briefing is ongoing and is scheduled to resume in March.

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