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February 21, 2017




(Hagåtña, Guam) Senator Telena Cruz Nelson is currently meeting with stakeholders to create a housing task force to aid our island’s first-time and current homeowners. This task force will be called “Inafa’ Guma Måmi,” translated “to make our home better”.



This task force will work to focus on these three key areas:


  • Aiding first-time homebuyers in making their dream of becoming homeowners more attainable

Inafa’ Guma’ Måmi will work with the Guam Housing Corporation in reassessing the First-time Homeowner Act. It will also work with various businesses and organizations to assist middle and low-income owners in mortgage lending and home building.


  • Aiding existing land and homeowners in building infrastructure

Many individuals on our island were given land from the Chamorro Land Trust Commission through the Land for the Landless Program. A vast majority of these lots were given without infrastructure, leaving our people to live under deplorable conditions. Inafa’ Guma’ Måmi will work to develop avenues and solutions that can assist landowners in bringing affordable infrastructure to their homes.


  • Assisting homeowners on the brink of foreclosure

Far too often, when homeowners are faced with foreclosure of their homes, other options and outlets to aid them are rarely discussed or made available to them. Many people do not realize their rights as homeowners. Inafa’ Guma’ Måmi will work to educate our people on financial management and making wiser spending decisions to prevent their mortgages from falling into delinquency. Inafa’ Guma’ Måmi will also aim at discussing rights and options to those homeowners who are faced with foreclosure.

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