Here To S.E.R.V.E


Protecting our Natural Resources by Introducing legislation that expands the funding for Conservation Officers, Protecting the environmental resources and cultural artifacts of the Northern coastline of Guam, Collaborating with Island and regional officials, experts in the science, health, and radiation community as well as consumer advocates to address Pacific Ocean Seafood testing of radiation exposure caused by the Fukushima Powerplant Nuclear accident.



Investing in our children by creating legislation that would allow the Guam Department of Education to enter into solar purchases in anticipation of freeing up $4M or more for the Department to utilize for student resources.  Working closely with the Guam Department of Education and the United States Department of Education to remove the third party fiduciary imposed by the Federal Government. Working closely with counselors and teachers to ensure that GDOE properly encourages responsible, fair, and equitable practices that support teachers and counselors. Collaborating with Charter Schools ensuring consistent revenue appropriations and disbursements were protected.



Leveraging Federal Resources through legislation fighting for equity of Medicaid disbursements and requesting that the formula used fits Guam’s demographic, requesting that President Joe Biden act within his administrative authority to remove the deadline for filing claims, ensuring that the Crime Victim Funds Act is protected and is sustained. 



Remembering our Veterans and fighting for benefits that they have earned by expanding client services and case management through providing additional funding for the Guam Veterans Affairs Office, advocating for increased per diem payments for homeless veterans and inclusion of veterans residing in Guam and other territories, establishing a wrap around toll free helpline for veterans who are in need of any type of assistance, advocating for legislation to be passed on an audit of the healthcare system of the Department of the Veteran affairs. 



Impacting holistic growth within our community by working with Congress to pass the American Family Act by making the Child Tax Credit fully refundable and increasing the amount and allowing for additional credit for children under 6 years of age, collaborating with colleagues for Congress to support Community Projects of the Guam Fishermen's Cooperative Association.